‘Idle hands are the Devils workshop’
God knows I know this saying  is true
I need this blog for this reason
I need to keep occupied
I’m my own worst enemy when I’m left to my own devices…
…without something to hold my interest…
…without people to keep me company…
…a plan to follow…
…a schedule to keep me in check…
…things to look forward to…
my mind seems to dissolve into a paranoid mess of doubts and worries.

I’m not sure why this is and generally just put it down to my personality, which is probably best described as ‘multi-faceted’ (ok, I know this is probably making me sound Schizophrenic or something but I swear it’s not as bad as that!) and of course hormones since I’m a girl and always like to play the hormone card!

My moods and focus can change very quickly, with dizzying highs, nauseating lows and a few crazy loop-de-loops thrown in for good measure. This is not a new thing, its been like this for as long as I can remember but it seems to have been more apparent lately, especially the last few months which have made things quite difficult if I’m completely honest. The highs bring with them some crazy ideas and the lows see me removing myself from things for a while As a result I have started various blogs over the past few months, trying to compensate for the mood changes, to recreate myself and try to out run the moods. The only problem with this is that when I started blogging nearly a year ago I was in a completely different place to where I am now and every time I’ve created a new blog it was under the same alias and it just ended up the same way with me feeling stuck not being able to say what was really going on.

I’m giving up on that now, I don’t need that name, that persona to protect me anymore. I’m finally getting a handle on things by myself just Charlotte.
Those of you that know me as MissSearles are probably getting fed up with all the chopping and changing, that’s fine – don’t read if you don’t want to but those of you that know me as Charlotte will completely understand why I’m doing this and how happy I am to finally feel settled.
So here it is, the blog that’s hopefully going to help me get a grip on life and keep it.

A little insight into Me and my life, the Boxes. My family and friends, the Lines. And the projects and things that keep me occupied, the Squiggles.

**Note** – Contrary to how this introduction sounds this is actually going to be a lifestyle blog and not an angst ridden diary of my battles with my feelings I was simply trying to help people understand how I’ve got here and give you some background on me and what the title means!