First Etsy sale!

Woohoo! I had my first Etsy sale today 🙂
A set of 3 small Baby hanging Tomte is on its way to their lovely buyer in London.

I’m going to be AWOL a bit for the next few weeks, things have gotten majorly busy at work and I’m a tinsy bit stressed 😦 On top of that I’ve also got to help my sister prepare for a Christmas fair being held at a local school on Friday, she is selling Avon products and has agreed to sell some of my decorations on her stall too (as long as I go along and help her set it up!)

I’ll hopefully be back with a few updates here and there before Xmas but if I’m not I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year 🙂


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Countdown to Christmas-Day 5

Dean and I have been talking about our plans for Christmas Day today, we’d already said that we probably weren’t going to do the traditional Christmas dinner but hadn’t really got much further than that, until tonight. Tonight, we’ve decided that we want to do a themed Christmas and this years theme is….MEXICO!

We’re going to have fajitas for Christmas dinner (but will probably stay clear od the Tequila) All I need to do now is buy a sombrero, find a fake mustache and maybe hire a mariachi band!

Maybe we could do Italian next year? lol

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Countdown to Christmas-Day4

Today we went out and bought our tree!

We got a black fibre optic one with silver decorations…and of course we had to add Deans personalised Tomte 🙂

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