Lotties Squiggles – ‘Lang’ Large Santa Doll

‘Lang’ Large Santa Doll now available in the Esty store


I’d like you all to meet Lang!
Loosely translated his name means ‘tall’ which is pretty spot on for him, he is approximately 65cms tall, from the top of his hat to the tip of his pointy shoes.
He is currently available with Free UK Shipping!!
To find out more about him click here

*Please note this is a christmas decoration and not a childs doll (due to small pieces such as bead and pegs)*

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Countdown to Christmas-Day 3

Mahoosive icicles on the front of the house

Today, so far, is better than yesterday thankfully!
I spent the morning working from home but since I already had a half-day booked (before all this snow came along and I was supposed to be in the office) I finished up at half 12 and got on with some of my To Do list 🙂

So now I am sitting at my desk with a cup of COFFEE, you know I mean business when there is coffee involved, listing some items on Etsy, editing photos and thinking about tidying my room before I got to spend the weekend with Dean (who I haven’t seen since Tuesday as he’s had to stay at his mums because his car needs a new battery and he’s had to walk to work from hers, it’s not the longest I’ve gone without seeing him but I think that it feels like ages as I’ve been stuck indoors!)

I’ll be back later on today with some posts about my latest Etsy listings

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Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

*I did write a longer post for today but got annoyed at it and deleted it, lets just say today did not go to plan!*

I woke up to this……set-up this little home office…

…and have been doing this all day…


(Yes, I did wear my dressing gown all day)
(Yes, it is 10:30pm and I am still working)
(Yes, I am slightly fed-up)

Usually I love spreadsheets but when I know I’m working to a strict deadline that I’m never going to meet because of the snow it doesnt make it much fun 😦

So unfortunately you’ve got no christmassy/crafty photos today but I’ve actually got a half day booked at work tomorrow (I’ll probably work from home again but I will not be working past 12:30pm!) so will hopefully get some snow photos tomorrow!

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