Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

*I did write a longer post for today but got annoyed at it and deleted it, lets just say today did not go to plan!*

I woke up to this……set-up this little home office…

…and have been doing this all day…


(Yes, I did wear my dressing gown all day)
(Yes, it is 10:30pm and I am still working)
(Yes, I am slightly fed-up)

Usually I love spreadsheets but when I know I’m working to a strict deadline that I’m never going to meet because of the snow it doesnt make it much fun 😦

So unfortunately you’ve got no christmassy/crafty photos today but I’ve actually got a half day booked at work tomorrow (I’ll probably work from home again but I will not be working past 12:30pm!) so will hopefully get some snow photos tomorrow!

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One Response to Countdown to Christmas-Day 2

  1. My day looked much the same as yours minus the dressing gown. I stayed in sweatshirt, leggings & slippers until 4pm when I managed to have a bath & get dressed so hubby doesn’t think I’m totally useless! Ha!


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