Happy ‘New’ New Year!!

I can’t believe that December has come around so quickly, in fact its come around so quick that I haven’t had time to finish compiling my ‘New’ New Year list, I’m going to be adding to it every few days (you can see the complete list by clicking on the ‘Features’ menu at the top of the blog) and I’ll do some posts explaining a bit more about certain ones. I’m really looking forward to achieving lots of things this year and can’t wait to get stuck into some different projects!

We’ve had a major cold snap the past few days and it is feeling particularly festive now that we have a nice coating of snow on the ground (although I’m not really a big fan of the cold!) I’ve had half days at work the past two days because of the weather, which in a way is nice because it means I’ve been able to get some bits done at home but it now also means that I’m about a day behind on a big monthly report that should go to the customer on Friday :-s
I’ve got a ton of blog posts I want to get written at the moment but its kinda depends on how work pans out so be prepared for some sporadic posting!

Happy ‘New’ New Year!!

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