Pretty Sunrises and Apologies!

**I know, I’m a crap blogger! I’ve been completely AWOL the past few days, things are a bit hectic at the mo that’s all but I promise I will be back with regular posts in December!**
Hopefully this photo will distract you from my uselessness…
…which was taken on my brand new iPhone (which I’ll tell you about in another post)

I can’t believe how quickly November has gone, I feel like I’m constantly playing catch-up with myself at the moment but I’m determined to get things finished off over the next few nights ready for a more relaxed/organised December 🙂

Tonight I’m off to Deans to cook dinner for us and record some vocals for a CD we’re making for our families for Christmas (more on this, us and music, soon too). We’re also going to colour my hair because it is long overdue and looking really faded, I’m lucky that I have a boyfriend who actually really enjoys colouring my hair for me…’it’s like painting!’…yes babe, it’s exactly like painting…*ahem* (he’ll kill me for telling you that!)

I will be back in a few days to celebrate ‘New’ New Year Day and show you my ‘New’ New Years plans and resolutions.


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One Response to Pretty Sunrises and Apologies!

  1. Great photo – I’m a crap blogger too so no reprimand from me!!

    Does Dean fancy popping over to do my hair too – mine is desperately overdue! Perhaps a new vocation is around the corner….

    Ali x

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