I’m a happy geeky girly!

Tonight I am doing absolutely nothing.
I’m having what I would say is a well deserved rest (only for one evening mind you-tomorrow night I have to take some more product photos!) I’m catching up on my Google Reader, chatting on Twitter and of course being a geek and checking out my blog stats for today…

Today also actually marks 1 month of me blogging here at Boxes, Lines and Squiggles and I’d say my stats are pretty decent for a blog that has only been running that long, I get at least 50 hits a week and numbers have gradually been rising throughout the first month…but look, whats that at the end?…yup, that bar at the end is a mahoosive leap in blog visits today – 105 and counting!!

Thanks to everyone who helped to promote my little blog today, I really really appreciate it.
I really do love my bloggy friends 🙂

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2 Responses to I’m a happy geeky girly!

  1. 🙂 I love that you are so upfront about your stats. I think there’s no one out there (at least no one who has ever blogged) whose heart wouldn’t squeeze a tiny bit with joy at the sight of that. Well done!! x

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