Challenge – 1 day to go!

Here we are, the last evening of the challenge and I’m very pleased to say that everything is on track* for tomorrow morning! So I’m now sitting with a cup of tea, tweaking the last few bits and pieces and then I’m off to Dean’s to for a quiet evening and to get away from the computer because this much screen time in one day cannot be healthy.

Here’s hoping** everything goes well tomorrow morning and all my scheduled posts work as they should (wish I could do live posting tomorrow but alas I’m gonna be at work).

Roll on 9am 🙂

*Everything was on track but it seems WP went on a bit of a deleting spree last night and ruined this and all of my scheduled posts…so this is now being re-written at 7:15am Monday morning and posted into the past-oooo blogging time travel! (7:15 22/11/10)

**I think I must have kinda jinxed myself there…(7:17 22/11/10)

***Oh yeah, and I woke up 35mins late this morn, kinda irrelevant to this post but I was really annoyed about it(7:19 22/11/10)

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