My head hurts…

Tonight was supposed to be a quiet calm night focused solely on boring admin tasks in preparation for Monday, notice how I say supposed….

Tonight is now a full-blown, action packed, ‘man your stations and go,Go, GO!!’ evening and now my head hurts, it’s not busy in a bad way, it’s just that since this morning my To Do list feels like it’s tripled (with the adding of a whole lot of awesome things I might add) and I want to get it all done ASAP lol

But that can all be put on hold for tonight because I’m currently sitting with a cup of tea before I go out in approximately 17 minutes to go and seem one of my best friends who’s back on an a 2 week break from his posting as a Paratrooper, he’s based in Afghanistan and I’ve not seen him since September (and I’m used to seeing him ALL the time so it’s a bit weird him not being around) and when he flies back out next week I won’t see him until March/April next year!

Work can wait for tonight, I’m off to catch up on 2 month worth of gossip with one of my besties 🙂

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