Challenge – 5 days to go!

Craft Maths

What do you get when you take one ‘White Box’ and fill it with fake snow…

…add little glass baubles..

…and one carefully positioned camera and tripod?…


Hopefully some pretty decent product photos!

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3 Responses to Challenge – 5 days to go!

  1. Livi says:

    oooh fancy! very nice! 🙂

  2. Ahhh, it’s you!! I knew I had seen these little fellows before. They are so cute, I think I have to order some for little L to admire. Are you Scandinavian? I have never seen Tomtes this side of the world before. Deborah x

    • Yep its me, Charlotte 🙂 (I should put previously known as MissSearles somewhere on this blog lol!)
      Nope not Scandinavian, just have a love for all things that are!
      Hopefully everyone else likes them too…will soon find out on Mondays shop opening…*gulp*

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