Sunday Morning

It’s currently 9am and I’m in  bed with a cup of tea, going through my Google Reader and working out what to do with my day…this process is only slightly hindered by the fact that…I am in pain 😦 Every month its the same and every month I complain until I dose myself up on painkillers and get on with it. I went back on the pill a few months ago in the hope of relieving the pains a bit as the Doctor promised they would, so far I’ve noticed no difference but to be fair I have dosed up on the painkillers as soon as I felt them coming on. I’d said that I’d try to go painkiller free this month just to see if there is any difference, plus the painkillers turn me into an absolute zombie the ‘I can’t feel my legs and I’m slurring my words’ kinda zombie, and I’m going to try to stick to that; it just means that there is likely to be very slow progress with any work today and since I’ve only got 8 days to go until the shop is launched I’m panicking slightly!

I changed one of my designs the other day and know I have the perfect beads to finish it off, but can I find them?!? I know I’ve seen them somewhere fairly recently and I could have sworn I would have put them in my Tomte box but they’re not there. I made the mistake of mentioning the lost bead saga to my parents and they suggested that maybe if I tidied my room I’d have a better chance of finding it!

I’m not too sure what the plans are for today, Dean said he’d text when he was awake…so that means I’ve got until at least about midday to do some bits at home lol…I’m thinking the day should probably start off with a shower and then I’ll attack my room with the hoover – I’m soo rock and roll!!

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3 Responses to Sunday Morning

  1. Parents, eh? always trying to get you to tidy up 😉

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