Sunday Lunchtime

Umm…you know when you have a good idea and then when you go to put that good idea in practise it kinda goes tits up… yeah well I’ve kinda done that :-s

I’ve had my shower and I’ve done a quick bit of hoovering so I thought I’d tidy up my work space and try to find the beads I’d ‘misplaced’. I realised that they were probably in a box in the back of my crawl space where I’d chucked a lot of bit and pieces a few weeks ago. To get the box (which we shall call Box 1) out I had to move another box (Box 2), which was quit handy really because I’ve got a few bits to put in Box 2. So far so good, an easy plan – move Box 2 to get to Box 1, search through Box 1 and put some bits in Box 2 – sounds simple in theory doesn’t it?

Unfortunately this is the reality…

I don’t think I’ve thought this plan through properly!

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