Challenge – 8 days to go!

I haven’t seen The Boyfriend today so in theory I should have had plenty of time to work on getting stock ready for the shop, typically this hasn’t been the case (in fact this weekend hasn’t really resulted in much creativity at all) Instead the day has been spent cleaning and organising my room – You remember those beads I was trying to find this morning, the ones that resulted in this mess?…well the good news is that I found them…turns out they weren’t in Box 1 though, oh no, they were exactly where I had thought they were in the first place…in my bead box on my desk!

I’m not sure if its because I’m not feeling 100% today (still haven’t taken any painkillers yet though-go me!!!) or whatever but I’m feeling a bit lost with the Challenge at the mo. I know I have to get everything done in the next 8 days and I’m still confident that I can but I’m struggling to focus.

I’m off to write a list and get OCD style organised…..

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