My Weekend (a bit late…and long…and picture heavy!)

On Saturday Dean and I decided to go for a walk along the seafront, we decided to walk to a place called Old Leigh. Old Leigh sit right on the seawall and has about 4 pubs within 1 minute of each other, it’s a great place to go for seafood (although the Seafood Shed is shut for the season now) and quirky shops inside little Galleries. We found a really nice restaurant but they had stopped serving lunch so we grabbed a quick drink in the pub instead; that restaurant is definitely on our list to go back and try though! On the walk back to the car we talking about how awesome Mexico is going to be next May, I’m so excited its untrue! It will be my first holiday with a boyfriend and my first ‘proper’ holiday – I’ve been out of the country before but we’ve always stayed with family, this will be my first time in a 5 star resort…and…it’s all inclusive *happy dance* By the time we got to the car we were starving so we headed to Ocean Beach which is a restaurant that we go to quite often, it’s actually where we went on our first date/drink, they weren’t serving dinner until later so we order some picky bit off the bar menu and had a drink. Luckily Dean likes seafood as much as I do so we ordered things like whitebait, squid rings, prawns and of course curly fries 🙂 Dean and I never have a bad time together when we go out but for some reason that little trip was extra amazingly fun, we’ve said we might have to make it a little tradition!


Dean was out with friends on Saturday evening so I arranged to go and see the Fireworks down the beach with my family. We decided to all go in one car…all 6 of us…in a Vauxhall Corsa…Natalie ended up sitting in the boot, I’m not even joking…

It turns out my camera has a special ‘Firework’ mode, nifty huh? Thought I’d share a few of the pretty pictures I took, absolutely love how vibrantly the colours came out 🙂


Ahh Sunday, the day of rest, and what did I do? I worked my little socks off as it was the first day of my challenge and I created a miniature army of Tomtes; and that was just in the morning! On Sunday evening I took my laptop over to Deans flat and tried to make a dent in my Google Reader while the guys rehearsed in the other room. They sounded amazing-they’re working on an acoustic set at the moment and it sounds sooo good, can’t wait until they organise another gig (will make sure I tak the Flip cam with me!)


And…Saturday marked Dean and I’s 3 month ‘anniversary’ 🙂

Yes, I know you don’t get proper anniversaries until your married…

…but I like to celebrate the fact that he has managed to put up with me for that amount of time!

Yes, I am soppy…

No, I don’t care that your making sicky noises at me…

…Stop it….

I’m looking at you Heather!

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