My Weekend

It’s not been a terribly busy one but I want to try to get into the habit of doing a weekend post, if anything it helps me remember what went on and when because all the weekends and weeks just seem to roll into one at the moment! Since I’m a bit knackered tonight (what’s new!!) so I thought I’d do it in a list, because I like lists 🙂

  • On Saturday I discovered that my sewing machine hated me and so I decided to paint instead as it seemed like the safer option, that went fine for about 20mins before I got distracted by taking photos of some more of the items from my delivery the other day (which I will post tomorrow)
  • Dean and I went into town so that he could look at new guitars and he ended up buying an amazing sounding electro-acoustic one, I’ve convinced him that since he’s got a new guitar I should be allowed to borrow one of his old ones. He came up with the amazing idea the other week that we should go out and start performing an acoustic set together, him on guitar and me singing. Apparently I agreed to this idea (I’m guessing I may have had a glass of wine at the time because I’m generally quite shy about singing – I’ve not performed in public properly for about 6 years or so). We’ve started practising a few songs and I’m gradually getting my confidence back with singing, it is really lovely to have someone to enjoy music with and be able to sing and jam together 🙂
  • We had an impromptu Date Night on Saturday and went out for dinner to a place called The Sandbar which is a bar/restaurant that specialises in seafood. The food was lovely although I ordered squid for my starter, I pretty much like all seafood and they always seem to make squid dishes sound so appetising on the menu but when it actually comes to eating it it doesn’t really taste of anything and I always end up wishing I ordered something else-must remember this for next time! The meal was made all the better by the fact that we used our tastecard and got our entire meal for half price – 2 starters, 2 mains a glass of wine and a beer all for £25!! I love a good bargain!
  • I found out that we need injections for our holiday to Mexico next year…I’m not a fan of injections or anything to do with needles :-(…think I’m going to make Dean come to the Dr’s with me and hold my hand!
  • I’ve had my last cup of tea for the forseeable future as I start my stupidly strict diet tomorrow, I call it my No dairy, no wheat, no sugar, no fun diet – it sounds extreme (and it kinda is!) but it makes me feel so much better that its completely worth it. I’ll tell you more details about it at another time though.
  • My sewing machine still hates me…and now so does my iMac – it’s refusing to connect to the internet, I’m going for the ‘turn it off until tomorrow and it might have magically fixed itself’ approach.

So that was my weekend, it’s gone far to quick as usual but luckily for me I actually really enjoy my job so it’s not too much fo a chore to go back to work tomorrow!

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