I think my sewing machine hates me…

…either that or I’ve forgotten how to sew…which is probably more likely since I haven’t really done any proper machine work since last Christmas and believe me it shows! Things are fraying, bunching up and jut generally not looking right 😦

So I’ve done what any sensible, hard-working crafter would do and promptly given up on that project for today and decided to do some painting instead. I don’t know why but since I’ve got all the bits together to finally start work on this project it feels like my creativity has deserted me, I’m thinking I need a plan or something to keep me in check and on the right track but that’s too much to think about today, for now I’ll just paint and have a cuppa until I go and see The Boyfriend (who I’ve missed desperately the past two days so I’m super excited to go and give him a big hug and kiss!)

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