The Carrot and Stick Theory

Sometimes I struggle to see the whole picture, I get so wrapped up in focusing on a goal I forget to work out how I’m going to get there.
I’ve been wanting to start work on a little project for ages but haven’t been focused enough to concentrate on it until now. I’m going to try not to set myself any strict deadlines because I find all my creativity  goes out the window when I’m under pressure!
The biggest obstacle I face with this project is the fact that my workspace is an absolute mess, I’ve been meaning to tidy it for ages but its been one of those jobs ive just not got around to or have started and then got distracted very quickly (…I occasionally have the attention span of a hummingbird…I say occasionally…I mean often…ok, all the time…) So this time I’m working on The Carrot and Stick Theory, I’ve worked backwards and placed an order for the bits I need to get this project in motion and have given myself until its delivered to get my work space tidy…
…which is all well and good except from the fact that it should be getting delivered on Thursday or Friday this week, guess I better get a move on!

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