KT Tunstall – O2 Shepards Bush Empire – 20th October 2010

I love music, I like the words of some songs, the singer of another, the beat of something else but I have never found an artist where I love every single thing they do, sometime the words can be great but the melodies crap or the arrangement is amazing but the artist just can’t sing that well, apart from KT Tunstall  – she can do it all.
I love her.
In my eye she can do no musical wrong.
I don’t listen to songs and analyses the lyrics or have songs that really mean something too me but with KT’s songs it’s a different story; I’m not sure what it is but it must just be the words she choose and the way she creates the songs that mean I can just sit and really love them and hear everything that’s going on.
I have every album, I have everything I could find on iTunes that she has sung.I want to learn to play guitar just so I can sing her songs.
In short, I am a big fan!

Knowing now just how obsessed I am with her you can imagine how excited I was when I heard she had a new album, coming out and was also going to be touring!
We went to see here last Wednesday at the Shepards Bush Empire and she.was.amazing!!

She sings brilliantly live and has a really great stage presence, it’s not the biggest venue in the world so it means that the people standing in the stalls area where up close enough to chat to her and she spent sometime in between songs chatting and joking with them. We were sat on the first level balcony but I still managed to get some pretty amazing photos (even if I do say so myself) which I’ll post separately after this.
I have to admit that I wasn’t too sure on the new album when I first listened to it, it’s very different to her old stuff but after the first few listens it grew on me and now I can’t stop singing the songs.

*happy sigh* I want to be her, I love her…I’m off to buy a guitar, learn a Scottish accent and put on copious amount of eyeliner…

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2 Responses to KT Tunstall – O2 Shepards Bush Empire – 20th October 2010

  1. Lucy Quick says:

    I really like KT Tunstall too – sad to have missed her gig – glad you had a fab time 🙂

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